About Visiting South Africa

South Africa is among the most diverse and fascinating places on earth. Visitors go to South Africa because of its natural splendor, wild animals as well as climate. South Africa’s profoundly diverse landscape sustains an abundant variety of wildlife, birds, as well as plant-life while offering an unparalleled array of experiences.

Traveling to South Africa

South Africa is situated within the southern part of the tip of the African region, outlined by northern countries like Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe as well as Mozambique. This crosses the independent mountain of Lesotho and Swaziland and it is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the warmer Indian Ocean around the east – providing the country its magnificent array of life varieties.


South Africa has got a warm and nice local climate, with warmer sunny days much of the year. The times of year in the southern hemisphere are exactly opposite to those in the northern hemisphere thus the Summer extends from November to February, while the majority of the country is characterized by warm to hot climate.

South Africa is actually a year-round vacation spot thus you can go to whenever you want, depending on what you plan and like to do. The perfect time for game watching is during springtime (August to October). The southern right whales are seen away the shorelines from June towards the end of October, and also the humpback whales coming from August to December. Holiday-makers go from the towns coming from early December to late January and hotels and national parks are intensely reserved for these occasions (and so we suggest you reserve the accommodation in South Africa for those holiday periods early on, to prevent frustration).

People and Spoken Languages


South Africans are actually known as the ‘rainbow nation’, the name that reflects the nation’s cultural variety. The people of South Africa is among the most complicated and diverse on earth. From the 45 million South Africans, almost thirty-one million are Black, five million White, three million Colored ( a word employed to individuals of mixed African, Asian and White ancestry) and one million Indian.

Population density: 32.9 people per km².

There exists eleven officially identified languages, many of which are native to South Africa.

English has used anywhere you go. English is definitely the language of the towns, of business and banking, of government as well as official papers. The road signs and official forms are available in English and in any South African lodge, Bed and Breakfast or Guesthouse the service employees will communicate English. Various other languages you could hear are Xhosa, Zulu as well as Afrikaans.