The Top 5 Johannesburg B&Bs

Johannesburg South Africa is a wonderful vacation location for a number of different reasons. Because of this, you need to take it upon yourself to find some of the best accommodations available. In this regard, bed and breakfasts are an excellent option that you can exercise if you want to find lodging that will be beneficial to you. With this in the back of your head, you should keep reading so that you can take in information regarding the top five Johannesburg’s bed and breakfasts around.

#1: Liz At Lancaster


In terms of bed and breakfasts, you really cannot go wrong with this one. It has lush accommodations that are both luxurious and up-to-date. You will be able to enjoy these homes whether you are looking to stay in Johannesburg for business or personal reasons. You will be able to take advantage of the included high-speed Internet and will also enjoy some accommodations such as a private patio, king-sized beds and heated floors. This location is also central to a number of amenities and attractions in the local and surrounding area that you will be able to enjoy to the best of your ability.

#2: Lucky Bean Guesthouse


For a bed-and-breakfast that is an excellent way to relax and remain social, it does not give much better than this option. It has received incredible reviews for its five-star accommodations and continuously provides guests with all that they need in order to enjoy their stay. There are standard rooms and suites that you can choose from which will allow you to kick your feet up and enjoy the amenities. The food is exquisite with an expansive menu that will allow you to choose between many different cuisine suggestions.

#3: Cotswold Gardens

QBandB Pauntley Court-3

If you are looking for a bed-and-breakfast that gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature in all of its glory, this is a wonderful option for you. The property features a crystal clear and beautiful pool and is within walking distance of so many attractions and activities. All of the rooms are plush and comfortable and provide you with an excellent stay, whether you are in town for a romantic getaway, a business opportunity or a family vacation. Regardless, you will find what you need when you decide to stay at this bed and breakfast location.

#4: The Parkwood


Walking onto this property will typically captivate you and let you know that they put sophistication and architecture above all. You will be able to enjoy these wonderfully decorated rooms which have little touches, such as glass doors, live plants, hardwood floors and brick walls. There are wonderful relaxation areas that you can also take advantage of and this allows you to see plenty of what Johannesburg has to offer while staying at an accommodation that has been awarded the certificate of excellence in its five-star class. Whether you are coming for the opportunity to be pampered or enjoy free breakfasts every single morning, you will have a lot to look forward to on this property.

#5: Blackheath Manor


From the wallpaper to the excellent customer service, this bed-and-breakfast is not to be missed. It is excellently decorated but also features a touch of comfort and serenity which makes you feel safe and invited. The owner has been in business for years providing guests with receptiveness and warmth with each and every state.

Keep these five bed and breakfast options in mind and use them to the best of your ability. From here, you will get everything that you need for your vacation stay.

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